Sunday, July 15, 2012

About Me!

I'm super excited to jump into the world of Blogs!  I'm a 4th grade teacher in metro Atlanta.  This year will be my 6th year teaching.  My school is departmentalized, so I teach reading, writing, and grammar.

It's about time I try out something new.  Long story short I have OCD, and those of you who work with me know that I spend a huge chunk of my personal time creating new projects, worksheets, lessons, and so on.  Most of which I enjoy, but at times it drives me nuts because I can't always just take something and go with it (It's hard to explain.  Just know its annoying).  After a friend of mine, Abby, showed me her blog, and a few others I about died!  I never knew about this whole other side to blogging...and the best part was that I found a TON of stuff I can use.



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  1. Welcome to the blogging world!!! It is fun and addicting:) I love your blog design.
    Terri's Teaching Treasures