Friday, October 5, 2012

My First Linky Party! Currently October!

My first linky party! I came across this linky party at Oh' Boy 4th Grade... So here is what is currently going on in my world in October.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Walking Dead. My fiance and I are trying to save money for our wedding, so we have done away with cable. We temporarily have Netflix and Hulu. You better believe I was excited to see Walking Dead had new releases! Anywho, I AM NOT a fan of scary movies, but there's just something about this show that has me hooked!

I am really loving the fact that tomorrow is Friday!Friday means jeans and time to catch up with my friends.

All I can think about are the little things that are left to plan and fix up for my wedding. The big day is set for December 1st! Yes that is less that 2 months away. As I am actually typing this, all I can think of are these tiny boxes I need to finish. Ugh!

Inside there are mini pots, seeds for spring blooming, and a thank you card. It was a cute idea at first! Now I feel like I might be kicking myself as I keep procrastinating!

I have been dying to get my hands on the new iphone! Again... saving money stinks and I am waiting patiently until I can afford to renew my contract and buy this nice gadget! By the way... I am obsessed with technology. I wish apple would magically grant me my wish of donating me a nice little laptop to poor little teacher. Hee hee :)

R&R Oh man how I need some rest and relaxation. I feel like I have been going and going since the school year started. I'm sure it doesn't help that all the other surrounding counties just a week off.

Last, but not least...

Oh how I love thee! I have a blast reading this to my class. The witch is sooo much fun to act out. Honestly, I enjoy making my voice that old squeaky witch sound. I know... geeky!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Help, Help, Helping Verbs!

Apologies for my long hiatus from blogging. I guess it's only fair I post a freebie!

My school is very big on anchor charts and artifacts. Since learning about poster printing, I have done away with paper charts. I rarely use chart paper or markers to create my mini lesson charts. I love that I don't have to take those clunky charts home. I will say, the most tedious part is having to cut and put them together. I suggest starting with the 4 page posters, because they are easier to put together. My favorite is the 9 page poster. They're the size of regular chart paper. If you use these make sure to use the crop lines and have them overlap. The best tip I can give for the big 9 page poster is to tape it together on both the front and the back (that way it won't crinkle in the laminator). However, the nice clean laminated final product is well worth it. Hop on the poster making train! I promise you won't regret it! Oh... and for those of you who have figured out this new blogger ..... Can someone please tell me how to place spaces between my lines?

I have uploaded one of my anchor charts for helping verbs.
Click here to grab this freebie from my TpT store!

Happy Blogging!