Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School: Tips, Freebies, & Giveaway!

Back to School

School is back and what does that mean?  Back to School Blog Hope! Before you begin to read this blog post, you might want to hop back to Christi Fultzs' Blog to hop back to the beginning of the blog hop!  Why?  A giveaway of course!  Every blog participating in the blog hop will have a fabulous freebie.  When you finish making your rounds to all of the blogs, you will have the opportunity to win products from everyone participating!

Back to school Tip

       Think ahead.  Conference week will eventually arrive.  I hated having to always scramble to find who had what siblings at our school. The worst thing is when siblings have different last names.  I also disliked having to wait for every teacher to go through the offices' files to find siblings.  Why not take care of the sibling issue at the beginning of the year when you are guaranteed to meet almost all of the parents & get all of your paperwork returned?  I am not sure what other schools do, but the plan I was using (waiting until every teacher met and looking through tons of files) didn't work.
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 So..... a few years ago. I came up with a solution.  A student/parent information form.  I give the Spanish/English for to all of the parents in my Meet and Greet folder. I ask them send the paperwork back to school with their child. Results: I always have a copy of the family contact information and their siblings.   The best part about it..........  I don't have to scramble or run to the office looking for "John's Siblings".  Enjoy the freebie, and please leave some feedback.  I update the form every year!


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  1. I just have to say that I LOVE your header! It made me smile! Thanks for the freebie!

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  2. What a great idea on the Student Information Form! Also, I'm your newest BlogLovin follower. Thanks! ~Deb
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